About Us

Paitec USA pressure sealing systems and paper jogging machines are manufactured by PAI Trading, Inc. which was formed in August 2008 by the former owners of two nationally ranked postage meter and paper handling equipment dealerships in Miami Lakes, Florida. They always believed that there was a need for dependable, affordable, and innovative mail and paper handling solutions so they decided to produce their own after selling their equipment dealerships.

As detailed throughout this Paitec USA website, we believe that our line of affordable pressure sealing machines meet our goal of innovative and dependable designs with their oversized sealing rollers for maximum pressure, patented angle seal feed design, heavy duty cycle volumes, and patented reverse feed motor technology.

Each of the members of our PAI Trading, Inc. management team brings unique expertise to the task of ensuring that only the best pressure sealing machines are designed and produced for our customers. Combined with the experience and talent of our growing nationwide dealer and service network, Paitec USA customers can be confident that we will always exceed their expectations.

Peter P. Nguyen, President and Chief Technology Officer

With 25 years of experience of providing technical support to customers in the business equipment industry, Peter Nguyen is the driving force behind PAI Trading Inc.’s belief that exceptional technical support is the key criteria for the success of any product in the marketplace. He has seen many new products fail because of a lack of manufacturer technical support for dealers and customers. In 1999, Peter was a founding partner and Vice-President of Mailflow Technologies, Inc. which was formed to represent paper handling equipment in the Miami area. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering and is proficient at training customers how to properly use business equipment and how to resolve most minor support issues themselves. In October 2007, Peter and his partners at Mailflow Technologies, Inc. sold their company to one of their primary suppliers.

Shortly thereafter, Peter had a vision to build a business as a manufacturer of office equipment which would provide customers and dealers with solutions  designed and built based on the best technologies available today. Peter then identified pressure sealing machines as a segment of the office equipment industry in the United States which could benefit from such efforts and he traveled the world to find the best sources for the machines he envisioned. Working with partners from his former business, Peter successfully launched PAI Trading, Inc. and its Paitec USA product line in 2008 which now includes pressure sealing equipment and paper jogging machines.

Arthur B. Waganheim, Vice-President of Operations and Chief Financial Officer

With 15 years of experience managing the operations and profitability of several mailing and business equipment dealerships, Art Waganheim has developed a proven talent for running a customer friendly business. In 1993 he purchased Miami Mailing Equipment, Inc. which was a failing Francotyp-Postalia dealership in the Miami area, made it profitable in his first year of ownership, and then merged it with a competitive Hasler dealership in 1997 to form Star Business Systems, Inc. During his tenure at Star, Art managed all aspects of the firms’s operations including purchasing, finance, customer service, and human resources. He also handled all marketing activities and helped build the business with a series of memorable radio commercials which he wrote and helped produce, and he designed and maintained Star’s website. Ten years after helping form Star Business Systems, Inc., Art handled the negotiations for the sale of that business and Mailflow Technologies, Inc. to Hasler Mailing Systems, Inc.

He has a Master of Business Administration degree in Information Systems and Marketing. Prior to his involvement in the mailing equipment industry, Art worked 10 years in the sales and marketing of consumer products and healthcare services. He also has experience in property management as he handles the rental of Star Business System Inc.’s former warehouse, manages a family-owned shopping center, and is actively involved as a Board member for several homeowner associations.