The most advanced heavy duty desktop pressure sealer

The MX13000 is the most affordable heavy duty pressure seal machine in the market today with its fast 13,000 pieces per hour processing and with a monthly duty volume of 300,000 pieces.

It features our heavy duty four roller sealing unit, Reverse Friction Rollers to auto correct double feeds, an auto-lift feed tray which holds up to 1,400 pressure seal forms, and an optional vertical exit stacker which holds up to 350 forms.

(Formerly Known As MX8000)

Demo Video

Large Capacity Elevator Infeed Table Holds 1,400 Pressure Seal Forms

Four Roller Sealing Unit

Reverse Friction Infeed Roller Technology

Adjustable Speed – 9,000 – 13,000 Forms Per Hour

Heavy Duty Cycle

No envelope needed, seals single-sheet self mailers. A greener way to mail®


FORM SIZE Depth – Up to 14”/ Width – Up to 9”
INPUT TRAY Up to 1,400 Pressure Seal Forms
SPEED Up to 13,000 Per Hour
FOLD SETTING Quick Set Manual
INFEED Reverse Friction Roller With Cooling Fan
MANUAL FREEDER Process Single or Damaged Forms
FOLD TYPE Z, EZ, C, EC, V, & Double Parallel
BATCH COUNTER Auto Start for Job Separation
DOUBLE DETECTION Automatically Detects Double Feeds
JAM FREE Reverses the Rollers and Clears Any Jam
OUTPUT CAPACITY Auto-Extending Conveyer Stacker (350 sheet) or Vertical/Sequential Stacker (350 sheets)
PRINTER INTERFACE Dual-Purpose (In-line & Stand-Alone)
DUTY CYCLE 300,000 Sheets Per Month
WEIGHT 227 Lb.
SIZE 16 x 24 x 24 In. (W x L x H)/Without Conveyor

Note: All care has been taken in the preparation of the specifications and description. As they are subject to change, they should not be part of any contract.